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Powdered Sugar

This little hack is great for supplementing most recipes that call for powdered sugar as a garnish. I use it for sprinkling linzer cookies, cakes, or even pancakes. It’s an easy recipe to store in your pantry for when the need for powdered sugar arises.

Watermelon Mint Slushy

Just because the recipe is for a mocktail doesn’t mean it has to be alcohol free. Feel free to add your liquor of choice. I personally think a gin would taste great for those who aren’t sensitive to those grains.

Pickled Mustard Seeds

Pickled Mustard Seeds can be used in so many ways- as a garnish for a salad or deviled eggs or sushi, on a burger or sandwich, or as an elevated version of regular mustard. They’re perfect for pulling out at your next barbecue.

They are more mild than mustard and don’t have that pungent mustardy smell. They add a great texture to a dish as a garnish as they just pop in your mouth. These Pickled Mustard Seeds will last  for about 3-4 months in an airtight jar stored in the fridge.

Nora's Granola Recipe

This is my mom’s famous granola recipe! It has been equated to cocaine by those who truly have their heads screwed on straight. What I love about this recipe is that there is so much room for improvising and changing things up. Want a cinnamon granola? Just add a couple pinches to the dry mixture. Want it to be truly nutty? Add more nuts and omit the dried fruit. This recipe is a great base for making different flavors of granola.